i.mgb.ZB is a geared motor developed to solve specific needs of mechatronics and industrial automation 4.0.

i.mgb.ZB is an additional component to be used where absolute precision is required with movement and
positioning at
ZERO BACKLASH of the slow shaft.

The kinematism on which the proposed gearmotor is based can be compared to functional characteristics
to the Ball recirculating screws with preloading of the nut-screw only that, unlike these, the principle
is implemented on continuous rotary motion and not on a defined length as in the case of linear drives;
Furthermore The Backlash zero preload is electronically manageable.

The absolute precision of the geared motor is a consequence of the closed-loop kinematic principle
(application patent) and not the result of gears and mechanical machining of very high precision and cost.
This allows the realization of products of scientific quality and precision using components of industrial quality.

The initial characteristics of i.mgb.ZB do not degrade over time and are maintained throughout the useful life
of the geared motor.
i.mgb.ZB has two fundamental characteristics from which a series of highs are derived
services that can be implemented according to the specific needs of use.

The two characteristics are:

1 – continuous biunique relationship between the fast shaft and the slow shaft (no backlash–no vibrations)

2 – total rigidity of the slow shaft in the position reached. The slow shaft is so rigid in both directions
     of rotation as provided for by the dimensional calculation of the geared motor.

The kinematic organization of i.mgb.ZB which determines the characteristics of points 1 and 2 give rise
to other original performances of feasible implementation such as:

a – Dynamic game control: allows continuous operation with no play, or the cancellation of the game
      in specific positions and controlled play outside of these. In a machine with work stop positions
      1,2,3 ...n, i.mgb.ZB can reset the game in positions 1,2,3 ...n but cover the intermediate sections
      with minimum play and maximum efficiency.

b – Bidirectional and constant electronic control of the instantaneous working torque.

c – Electronic preload control for game zeroing: optimizes behavior depending on the needs, in
      addition allows to maintain the preload, or the minimum play, regardless of the temperature
      of the external environment and the internal temperature of the geared motor.

d – The electronic control of zeroing the game guarantees initial performances that does not will
      degrade over time. In this regard the system operators will be able to implement control
      routines of the game according to their own criteria, starting from a check at each start up,
      up to the check continuous during operation.

e – Embedded electronic control unit for real-time monitoring of internal sensors at i.mgb.ZB.
      The data collected and processed by the control unit are shared on the network with external
      computing units used to optimize the use parameters, to manage the scheduled maintenance of
      individual components and fault prevention (encorder, load cells, temperature internal/external,
      vibrations, accelerometers, oil level, etc.)