Rational Mechanics is an engineering firm with forty years of experience in mechatronic design.
In 2016, we designed and patented a new generation of a geared motor

i.mgb.ZB - motor gear box Zero Backlash

i.mgb.ZB is the first gearmotor with electronically controlled zero mechanical play.

From Leonardo da Vinci to the design of i.mgb.ZB

Leonardo da Vinci : endless worm screw engages
a wheel toothed (helical gear)

“ This pull of this endless worm screw with a lot of times take the very teeth of the wheel.
So this pull is very safe, because when the screws take only one tooth of the wheel (drawing below) .... and this
tooth breaks, it would do great damage and ruin at times ... It is necessary [in such a case] that you make a
support, to make the sprocket does not flow backwards ”. Madrid I Code I ( BNM).c.17v.

i.mgb.ZB - motor gear box Zero Backlash “total rigidity absolute precision”

The mechatronic kinematism which
was missing for applications of :

– robotics

– automation

– scientific applications

– optronics, laser systems

– microelectronics machinery

– mphotovoltaic machinery

– mnuclear machinery

– astronomical instrumentation

– numerical control machines
   and associated equipment

– pointing systems

– stabilization systemse