Since Leonardo da Vinci conceived the Helical Endless Worm-Gear reducer specimens have been built millions
of samples based on this design, gradually improved and efficient, but substantially following the original
design. All the gearboxes built from then on had backlash between the screw and the wheel and the driven
wheel, at the position reached, did not possess torsional rigidity.

Today, after more than five centuries, to give answers to the needs of modern technologies, automation
mechatronics and development of Factory 4.0, has born
i.mgb.ZB is not a reducer designed to replace those currently in production. Its purpose is that to fit into
the most critical applications where absolute precision, stiffness of position, the functional behavior indifferent
to the thermal conditions and the guaranteed maintenance over time of the initial characteristics require its
use. Geared motors have applications in all fields of modern technology and electronic control systems
manage every type of equipment giving rise to what is known as mechatronics.

There are areas where maximum precision in the transmission of motion is required, such as :

– robotics

– automation

– scientific applications

– optronics, laser systems

– microelectronics machinery

– photovoltaic machinery

– nuclear machinery

– astronomical instrumentation

– CNC machines and associated equipment

– pointing systems

– stabilization systems

The list is long and includes every technical sector from the micro to the macro mechanism.
In these areas it can be of fundamental importance to have geared motors where between the fast
shaft (Engine) and the slow shaft (Conducted) there is a two-way relationship with zero hysteresis
(no play with the engine off or during rotation).

The market offers high precision gearboxes with minimum but not zero backlash..

i.mgb.ZB guarantees ZERO BACKLASH